"My mind experiences only itself; its every adventure is within it.  At first this is a terrifying view, and only gradually does it appear as pacifying.  The wisdom of life consists In the apprehension of one’s own life." 

-- Dr. John M. Dorsey, M.D., Dean of Psychiatry, Wayne State Universtiy, Detroit, Michigan.
The spiritual meanings of words are discoveries (insights) made within oneself, even if it appears as coming from reading, study and discussion.  Metaphysics, the science of the nature of Reality or Being, went "scientific" with the evolving of a scientific psychology adequate to be called “a spiritual psychology" or "Science of Self."

  The new Scientific metaphysics, the new psychology of Spirit, is the discovery that the law of sanity is demonstrated as physical health, wealth and happiness.  Today, the context of metaphysics is new and the challenge to a spiritual psychology is growing the understanding of the now well-established, well-verified and individually ascertainable facts that "being is Spirit", “the entire being is found in Mind,” and "Mind is the source and condition of all existence."  (Mary Baker Eddy, pioneer metaphysical scientist)

Margaret Ledward Laird was a Christian Science Teacher, Dr. John M. Dorsey, a psychoanalyst who studied with Freud. They met in 1965 and through an exchange of writings created together new language for ageless ideas.  This shared experience of two enlightened minds is astonishing in its power to awaken insights in individual readers from depths otherwise unattainable.
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Margaret Laird, C.S.B.
Dr. John M. Dorsey, M.D.
Center for Scientific Metaphysics
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Summer 2016
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